TransOptions Newsletter

Walk to School Days a Big Hit

May is always a busy month for walking to school, as the temperatures rise and the jackets come off. This May was no different. TransOptions worked with a number of schools in the area that have a high walking population by sponsoring their Walk to School Days. We set up at the main entrance of each school to reward walkers with fun, free and educational items such as bookmarks, stickers and reflective zipper pulls.

Schools that participated include:


  • Milton Ave School
  • Washington Ave School
  • Lafayette School
  • Southern Boulevard School
  • Chatham Middle School


  • Central Ave. School


  • Merriam Ave. School

Walking numbers during each Walk to School Day ranged from 50 to 200 students. Some schools choose to walk to school once per semester or marking period, while other schools hold walking events as frequently as once a week.

Not only does clear, warmer weather attract more walkers; this time of the year can also be a popular time to walk to school as standardized testing is typically administered in May. Walking to school in the morning can help lower stress levels and allows students to enjoy fresh air before they arrive at school and sit in their classrooms for extended periods of time during testing.

TransOptions will sponsor Netcong Elementary School’s Walk & Roll event in June and plans to hold several more events in the fall of 2013.