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Telework Garners National Attention

The announcement that Yahoo would shift away from their telework policy to require more in-office time spurred a national discussion. Soon after the Yahoo decision, Best Buy followed suit.

As technology improvements make out-of-office communications seamless while arguably increasing productivity, why are these companies ditching the work-from-home approach for an old-school 9 to 5?

Proponents of the Yahoo and Best Buy move to a more office-centric approach say it will lead to increased innovation, communication and collaboration. Those in favor of a telecommute option, such as the Association for Commuter Transportation, frequently cite increased productivity, a reduced need for capital expansion such as office space and parking, as well as improved retention rates and overall employee satisfaction.

As part of our efforts to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, we encourage employers to implement telework as a strategy to address these issues.

Below are some related articles on both sides of the telework debate, as well as resources for employers who would like to implement a telework policy, or better manage an existing policy: - Despite Yahoo, Bergen Firms Increasingly Embrace Telecommuting

  • 80 percent of North Jersey companies surveyed offer some type of telecommuting policy, and a local employment law specialist is seeing first-hand an increase in employers seeking legal advice on formal telecommuting policies. Some offer telework to all employees, and some allow the benefit to be earned.

Associations Now – 3 Ways To Manage Your Telecommuting Workforce

  • It's not about where your staff works, it's about how efficiently they can get things done. Telecommuting can work--but management needs the right tools and policies to implement it.

U.S. General Services Administration - Resources for Managing Teleworkers

  • The federal government provides resources such as technology recommendations, information on hoteling, and a Mobile Worker Toolkit.

CNNMoney - Bill Gates on Mayer’s Telecommuting Ban

  • The Microsoft Founder says the general trend of technology letting people work over the internet is "a wonderful thing."

Network World - Is Yahoo’s Telework Ban Shortsighted or Savvy? Data Says Both

  • Citing research in the field, data is presented on telework issues ranging from financial benefit, time savings, trends among the Forbes Best Companies to Work For, productivity, morale, and more.

FierceCIO - Yahoo Got It Right…And Wrong, Say Telework Surveys

  • A response to the article above, arguing that telecommuting isn't a one-size-fits-all panacea. It works for some organizations, some employees, some managers and some situations; it fails for others.

Kansas City Star – Work In the Office Rule is a Good Call by Yahoo’s CEO

  • Columnist Barbara Shelly argues that productivity is overrated, and the shift to more innovation, craftsmanship and creativity is a necessary one.

Washington Post - Marissa Mayer and Telecommuting: Yahoo CEO Got It Right

  • From an angle of parenting and a working mother, support for Mayer's decision to end Yahoo's telework policy, and the benefits of working in an office rather than working from home.

Mobiledia - Beyond Technology: Marissa Mayer and the Telecommuting Debate

A dissection of telecommuting, highlighting the productivity vs. collaboration and innovation argument, as well as whether telecommuters work significantly more hours than their in-office counterparts.

The Globe and Mail – Top Ten Reasons To Embrace Telework

  • Teleworking appeals to a younger generation of workers, can help recruit better employees, increase employee retention and more.