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Stop and Stay Stopped

Spring has finally arrived and we’re ready to be outside. While walking or driving in your neighborhood or anywhere throughout New Jersey, you may encounter the Stop and Stay Stopped for Pedestrians sign. 

Some motorists and pedestrians know what the colorful sign posted in the crosswalk means. Others, regrettably, ignore it. With many people out and about, we’re spreading the word to motorists and pedestrians alike to heed this sign and obey New Jersey law!

Motorists and Pedestrians, Take Note:Stop and Stay Stopped NJ LawIf you see a motorist stopping to let a pedestrian cross the street at a crosswalk (where there’s no traffic signal), they’re not just being polite and patient. They’re following the law.

For the last 3 years, New Jersey Traffic Law has required motorists to Stop and Stay Stopped for Pedestrians within crosswalks. Failure to stop carries one or more penalties including:

  • 2 points on your driver’s license
  • $200 fine plus court costs
  • 15 days of community service
  • Insurance surcharges

Pedestrians have a responsibility, too. They are to:

  • Obey traffic signals
  • Cross at corners and within marked crosswalks where available
  • NOT Jaywalk

Pedestrians who fail to obey the law face a $54 fine plus court costs. What’s worse is risking injury!

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