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Save Gas By Trip Chaining

Make a plan, chart a route and run several errands in one car trip. Trip chaining, or combining multiple errands into one trip, will save you gas, money and time. Trip chaining can even make communities better by helping to reduce traffic congestion and lowering the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.

Trip chaining takes a little planning, but it’s easy to do. There are lots of ways to work trip chaining into your schedule.

The top 3 tips for Trip Chaining:

  • Develop a list of errands for the week. Think ahead about everything you need to do and get it done all at once. That way, you won’t need to make a last-minute trip to the store.
  • Combine errands. Do you need to pick up your dry cleaning today? Why not pick it up tomorrow when you go grocery shopping? Try combining errands in just one trip.
  • Group your appointments together. For example, if both kids need to go to the dentist, make it just one trip.

Plan the best route and avoid backtracking. There are a number of internet sites that can help you plan the shortest most efficient route and avoid needless