TransOptions Newsletter

Safe Routes to School

TransOptions advocates for and implements programs that make walking and biking around our neighborhoods and schools fun, easy, safe and healthy for all students and families while reducing our reliance on cars.

Below is a highlight of our recent accomplishments in the School District of the Chathams, where TransOptions has been working with all 6 public schools, which includes over 4,000 students, in addressing the pedestrian safety concerns of the community.

Travel-to-School Tallies:

Custom survey developed by TransOptions that was completed in 153 classrooms at all 6 schools in the District. The tallies recorded 10,087 to/from school trips and creates an analysis of the travel patterns at each school.

Parent Survey:

This Online survey completed by 684 parents throughout the district had a 17% response rate.  The survey was to learn how
students travel to/from school from the parent’s perspective. 

Resolution of Support:

Passed by the Board of Education of the school district, as well as by the Township and Borough.

Friendship of the SRTS Program:

Forms are for committees, clubs, organizations that are in support of the SRTS Program. A Friend of the SRTS Program aids in promoting and encouraging participation, and assists with special events. The Friendship forms were completed by the Police departments of the Township and Borough.

Future Plans 2012: 

  • Walk to School Week April 23-28th
  • Repeat Travel-to-School Tallies in Spring
  • Identify barriers and constraints to those walking to/from school

Our staff works not only with students, but with school administrators, faculty, parents and law enforcement officials to create safe, healthy environments for our children. Contact us today to assist in providing the education and encouragement needed to foster the creation of safe, walkable communities.