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Safe Driving Apps

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, but safe driving is a year-round necessity. The following smartphone apps can help you focus on the road and not on your phone. Try them out yourself to see which one is best for you.


TextecutionSafe Driving Apps

-available for Android

If you need your distractions eliminated completely, this app is for you. When Textecution determines that the user is traveling over 10mph, the App blocks the phones ability to send and receive text messages. Once the app detects that the user is at rest or traveling less than the 10 mph limit, the app allows the user to use the texting functions freely.

AT&T Drive Mode

-Available for Blackberry & Android

AT&T is committed to preventing distracted driving which is why the company has created the Drive Mode app to allow their customers to use their products safely. When the app is running and detects that the user is moving over the 25 mph limit, it automatically responds to any incoming messages for the driver by notifying the person on the other end that the user is currently driving and will respond once they have arrived at a safe destination.


-available for iPhones

Some people are so addicted to their phones that they have a hard time putting it down for even a few minutes. With this app, users can take a quiz to see how addicted they are to their cell phones. Once they receive their results, the user can configure the app to literally yell at them every time they pick up their phone. We hope that this app can be used as a deterrent for those who have the urge to constantly pick up their phones while behind the wheel.

Road Guardian

-available for iPhones

Not sure of the driving laws in the area you are traveling in? This App will track your location via GPS and notify you of the local distracted driving bans and regulations. Now the user knows exactly what penalties they face if they decide to pick up their smartphone. The Road Guardian App also monitors your phone activity while driving and will pinpoint on a map where calls were placed and received. By monitoring and displaying the drivers frequent phone use, we hope this app will promote better driving habits.

CAA Distracted Driving Game 

-available for iPhones

This app is great for testing yourself on how distracted you really are when you use your cell phone. Only to be played outside the vehicle, the game starts off with an exercise that has the user simulate performing a distraction while being timed.  When the exercise is complete, the user is presented with results of how far they traveled during the distraction and what they could have missed while they were attending to their phone and not the roadway. This app also has an educational feature with facts and statistics about distracted driving.