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Our Walking Soundtrack

In celebration of this year’s Walk This Way Challenge we are making a walking playlist of our favorite walking songs! Many artists and songwriters have made walking the topic of famous hits throughout the decades and this year we are dedicating them to our Walk This Way walkers! Our playlist of walking theme songs is for all ages and generations featuring tunes from the 1950s to the 2000s. So get your grove on and get motivated to get walkin’ with our playlist of our Top 10 Favorite Walking Songs of All Time!

1.       Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and The Waves - 1983

How can this song not get you pumped and ready to get out and walk on a sunny day? Let this "feel good" hit from 1983 help you get that spring in your step as you count those miles and trips!

2.       Walk This Way by Aerosmith - 1977 & by Aerosmith and RUN DMC - 1986

How could we forget the song that our Walk This Way Challenge is named after? "Walk this Way" by Aerosmith originally debuted in 1977 but made a comeback in 1986 when the rap group, RUN DMC, remade the song and featured Aerosmith in the chorus. In the classic music video, the rock and rap groups are battling over the song until they unite to sing it together at the end.

3.       Walking On The Sun by Smash Mouth - 1997

This one is dedicated to all of our walking all-stars! Our only '90s hit to make the countdown, "Walking On the Sun" put Smash Mouth on the map in 1997 before the band’s biggest song, All-Star, was released in 1999.

4.       Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles - 1986

Do how the Egyptians do and walk! If you didn’t master your Egyptian step in the '80s, this is your second chance to get those arm movements down pat as you walk in Walk This Way! Need some instruction? Watch the video! The video features the band and random people on the street showing off their best Egyptian walk.

5.       Walk Like a Man by The Four Seasons - 1963

The ladies can’t do all the walking so, guys, this one is for you! "Walk Like a Man" is our golden oldie walking hit from the '60s! The song has been featured in several films and was added to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s list of 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll!

6.       Walk the Line by Johnny Cash - 1956

We DO NOT mean walk the center line of the road! Please stick to left side or side walk! But check out this vintage video of a young Johnny Cash singing "Walk the Line" on The Tex Ritter Show. Originally released in 1956, this is our oldest tune to make the playlist. It made a comeback in 2005 when a biographical film, also titled Walk the Line, was released about Cash’s life.

7.       I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers - 1988

Will you walk 500 miles for Walk This Way? We would love it if you could get close! This song is another great walking theme song from the '80s that should get you motivated to win our grand prize for most miles walked! Whoever gets closest to 500 miles will be our lucky winner!

8.       Walk On by U2 - 2001

Here is another motivational song to keep you going for the entire length of the challenge! Whether you are walking for health or safety it is important to keep ‘walking on’ and keep up with your trip and mile logs throughout the entire month of October!

9.       Walk of Life by Dire Straits - 1985

“Do the walk, the walk of life!" Another up-beat walking theme song from the '80s for our Walk This Way walkers! We want everyone to use this challenge to walk for you! Whether it is for your health or safety we want to see all our participants doing their own walk of life!

10.   These Boots Were Made for Walking by Nancy Sinatra - 1966

It might get chilly in October so you may need to strap on some boots for your walks (though long distance walking in high-heeled boots might be a little impractical).  We want to see you get out there and strut your stuff in your favorite pair of comfortable walking boots to Nancy Sinatra's hit from 1966!

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages for more Walk This Way theme songs to add to your playlist that did not make our top 10! And if you are listening to these awesome jams on headphones while you walk, make sure the volume is low enough so you stay alert! Enjoy and walk safely!