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Calculate Your Driving Costs and Find Ways To Save!

Gas prices may have you down, but TransOptions now has a great new way for you to find out just how much you can save by changing your commuting habits. TransOptions’ Cost Calculator only requires you to enter in a couple of pieces of information--your daily commute miles round trip, the number of days per month you drive to work, and what size vehicle you use. With that alone, the calculator does the rest.

Factoring in maintenance, insurance costs, fuel costs and vehicle depreciation, the calculator gives an estimate of your annual commute costs.

The tool goes one step further and shows just how much you could save each year by carpooling 3 times per week, teleworking twice per week or joining a 7-person vanpool.

Saving on your commute can mean big bucks over the course of the year. Once you see how much you could be saving, TransOptions can help you find a carpool match. Simply complete the Find a Carpool application and we will try to match you up with your perfect carpool partner. Remember, if you are already in a carpool or other alternative commute, you are eligible for our Emergency Ride Home program once you register your commute. If a carpool does not work for you, try vanpooling, mass transit, or biking to work to find ways to save.