Current SRTS Recognition Winners

New Jersey Safe Routes to School Recognition Program awards winners in three year cycles. The following winners have earned and maintained their statuses. 

Schools listed in bold recently earned their status in 2018. 



Central Avenue School, Madison

Netcong Elementary School, Netcong

Lafayette Avenue School, Chatham

Milton Avenue School, Chatham

Southern Boulevard School, Chatham

Washington Avenue School, Chatham

Allen W Roberts Middle School, New Providence

New Providence Borough


Chatham Borough

Columbia Middle School, Berkeley Heights

Thomas P. Hughes Elementary School, Berkeley Heights

Mountain Park Elementary School, Berkeley Heights

William Woodruff Elementary School, Berkeley Heights

Berkeley Heights Township, Berkeley Heights

Salt Brook Elementary School, New Providence

Millburn Middle School, Millburn

New Providence Middle School, New Providence

Stanhope School District, Stanhope

Mountain Lakes Borough, Mountain Lakes


Merriam Avenue School, Newton

Torey J. Sabatini School, Madison

Millburn Township, Millburn

John Hill School, Boonton

Third Street School, Belvidere

First Step

Chatham Middle School, Chatham

Kings Road School,  Madison

Deerfield Elementary School, Millburn

South Mountain Elementary School, Millburn

Glenwood Elementary School, Millburn

Hartshorn Elementary School, Millburn

Wyoming Elementary School, Millburn

Washington School, Millburn

Madison Junior School, Madison

Township of Denville, Denville

Burnet Hill Elementary School, Livingston

Collins Elementary School, Livingston

Harrison Elementary School, Livingston

Heritage Middle School, Livingston

Hillside Elementary School, Livingston

Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, Livingston

Mt. Pleasant Middle School, Livingston

Riker Hill Elementary School, Livingston

Franklin School, Summit

Jefferson School, Summit

Washington School, Summit

Ogdensburg School District, Ogdensburg

Memorial School, Washington Borough

Taylor Street School, Washington Borough