Our Organization

What does TransOptions do?

One of the first duties of the organization, assisting commuters and employees with carpooling and vanpooling to and from work, remains a vital part of TransOptions operations. Over the course of time, however, safety and educational programs have been added to the repertoire. We cater to all age groups, from our learn-to-ride bicycle classes to our carpool matching and senior-pedestrian programs.

TransOptions' Work with Employers:

TransOptions assists employers by recognizing New Jersey Smart Workplaces, businesses that make the extra effort to improve long-term sustainability through transportation and environmental programs.  TransOptions also assists employers in relocation assistance and vanpool formation and sponsorship. TransOptions often works with employers over lunch, explaining these programs and the tax incentives that are involved with commuter transit through on-site table-top expos, and lunch and learn programs.

TransOptions' Work with Commuters:

TransOptions assists commuters in setting up carpools and vanpools, finding alternative ways to work, obtaining mass transit information, real-time Traf-Alerts (our electronic incident notification system), and commuting incentives such as the Emergency Ride Home program and pretax subsidies.

TransOptions' Work with Schools and Education:

Through environmental education programs, students learn about cleaner forms of energy and alternative modes of transportation.  TransOptions offers in-class environmental education programs, Safe Routes to School programs, and two highly regarded school competitions: the Junior Solar Sprint and the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Model Car Challenge.

TransOptions' Work in the Community:

TransOptions has increasingly taken on the challenge of helping municipalities and communities improve local mobility and implement a way of life that not only protects our local environment, but also reduces costs over time.  TransOptions assists towns in attaining Sustainable Jersey certification, adopting Complete Streets policies, offering pedestrian safety, teen driving, and bicycle safety classes and offering two fun and immediately impactful events: October's Walk This Way Challenge and May's Bike to Work Challenge.