Bike To Work Challenge

We have crossed the finish line and are super excited to announce all of our big winners! We hope the Challenge has made your bike commutes more enjoyable throughout May as well as helped encourage some newbies to bike commuting.

Check out our big winners below!

Crossing the finish line is Thorlabs Rolling Thunder by 9 trips! Join us in congratulating each of their teammates listed below:

Challenger Miles Commutes
Eduard P. of Newton 98.8 38
Ralf H. of Newton 26 22
Tyler F. of Newton 17 34
Jack S. of Newton 26.6 38
Sean T. of Newton 22.8 38

Each team member will receive a $50 gift card.

Congratulations to Challenger Peter K of Denville. Peter was selected in a raffle that included the top 15 Challengers with the most miles logged. Throughout the month Peter logged an impressive 366 miles in 24 trips!

Peter has won a CycleOps Trainer donated by Marty's Reliable Cycle as well as a one-year membership to AAA Automobile Club.

Winner Miles and Trips Prize
Rika A. of Montclair Biked 38 Miles in 17 Trips $500 Gift Card to Cycle Craft
Brian S. of Montague Biked 66.7 Miles in 10 Trips $250 Gift Card to Cycle Craft
Debbie W. of Livingston Biked 70 Miles in 12 Trips $150 Gift Card to Cycle Craft

Unfortunately not all of our dedicated Challengers could win a prize. So those who put out a great effort and biked the most commutes but were not picked in any of the raffles will receive a RESOLUTE RIDER trophy.

Sean V. of Newton 128 Miles 56 Commutes
Karen L. of Washington 150 Miles 50 Commutes
Kent L. of Cranford 377 Miles 46 Commutes
Amy S. of Madison 44 Miles 44 Commutes
Stefan R. of Summit 202 Miles 44 Commutes
Dennis G. of Warren 406 Miles 42 Commutes
Laura T. of Montclair 123 Miles 40 Commutes
Sid R. of Far Hills 10 Miles 40 Commutes
Dean S. of Boonton 340 Miles 38 Commutes
John S. of New Brunswick 56.5 Miles 38 Commutes