Bike Right® | Kids

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Kids On-Bike Training

Teaching kids how to bike safely at an early age will make them more likely to continue to bike safely as they grow older. That is why TransOptions offers a variety of bicycle education programs for children of all ages and skill levels.

Schedule your child or your child's group to participate in one of a variety of bicycle education programs below.


This outdoor hands-on class teaches the safe, easy and effective way to learn to ride on two wheels. Using this "balance first" method, parents help get their children rolling while the child does most of the work. Participants learn the basics of balancing, starting, stopping and steering a bike as well as proper helmet fit and adjustment.

KIDS I (Ages 8-9)

Just because your child is still riding on the sidewalk doesn't mean it's too early to start learning how to Bike Right®. In this training course your child will be introduced to the world of bike safety through lessons specially designed for young riders. Your child will learn proper helmet fit, sidewalk safety tips and the basic rules of the road.

KIDS II (Ages 9-11)

Feel confident about your child's safety now that they are off the sidewalks and biking in the street. Bike Right® coaches will teach your child how to navigate around town safely while having fun. With this training course your child will learn the rules of the road, proper helmet/bike fit, how to perform bike safety checks and bike safety tips!

Advanced KIDS (Ages 11-13)

Does your tween think they are too cool for bike school? Enroll them in an Advanced Kids course where your child will not only learn bike safety skills but they will also learn hands-on skills such as proper gearing and how to fix a flat.


Larger groups of children of all ages will learn bike safety lessons in this quick and fun outdoor training course. Children will learn proper helmet fit, how to perform a bike safety check and bike safety techniques as they navigate through a customized course.

Kids Indoor Workshops

Bike Right® also offers off-bike training for kids of all ages. Check out our workshop guides below!

KIDS (Ages 5-7)

This fun and interactive workshop will teach your child bike safety basics through a series of fun and interactive games.

KIDS I Workshop (Ages 8-10)

Have your child learn bike safety before they start riding in the streets on their own. This workshop will teach them the basics of bike safety with short interactive lessons specifically designed for their age level.

KIDS II Workshop (Ages 10-11)

When a child starts riding on the street on their own, bike safety education become especially important. With this workshop your child will learn the rules of the road and basic bike safety tips.


Follow up on your child's bike education in their tween years. Bike Right® coaches will teach tweens important bicycle safety information like how to properly adjust a helmet, road hazards to look out for and how to avoid them.