Bike Right® | Adults

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Adult On-Bike Training

We offer a variety of adult bicycle education programs designed to fit your bike riding type and schedule. Our courses range from full-length bicycle training courses to succinct need-to-know workshops.

Scroll through our variety of programs below to learn how you or your organization can start to Bike Right® today!

DEFENSIVE BIKE SKILLS TRAINING (adults & children 14+)

Defensive Bike Skills Training has something for everyone whether you are a first-time bike rider, someone who is just getting back into biking or a seasoned vet. In this fast-paced course you will gain confidence and learn the skills you will need to capably bike on the road among traffic or on the trail.

With this course you will learn topics like traffic principles, NJ bike law, route selection, gear selection, crash avoidance techniques, traffic navigation techniques, flat tire repair, and more.

You will also be given a bike rider's student manual to take home for further reading as well as free Bike Right® giveaways.


Have you regretted never having learned how to ride a bike as a child? Regret it no longer because TransOptions' Bike Right® coaches are here to help guide you to ride on two wheels in no time. Learn to Ride students learn how to balance, pedal, start, stop and steer a bike as well as adjust a helmet for proper fit. Most people learn to ride their bikes while taking the class, but even if they don't, they leave with an easy, crash-free, and low-stress way to teach themselves to ride. It's never too late to learn to ride!

Adult Workshops

Don't have time for the full course? Invite a Bike Right® coach for a short need-to-know workshop.


Thinking about commuting to work by bike but not sure how? Don't fret, our Bike Right® coaches will come to your work location with a presentation custom-made for your site. You will learn which roads near your location are best suited to bike and why, what gear to take with you to make your ride more enjoyable and how to avoid arriving to work wrinkled and sweaty.


Casual bike riders, bike commuters and those curious to ride again will all benefit from this short presentation on bike riding need-to-knows. Audience members will be coached to refine their biking skills, update their knowledge of bike riding principles as well as tips and tricks to make the ride more fun and enjoyable. Topics covered include traffic principles, NJ bike law, route selection, gear selection, and more.


Designed for parents, instructors will explain how to teach a child to ride a bike using the "balance first" technique. Topics covered include how to perform a bike safety check, proper helmet fit and bike sizing.


Bike riding with family is a great way of getting everyone together to enjoy the day, get exercise and to teach kids practical skills they will take with them as they grow older. The secret to a great day out with your family is planning and preparation. In this short presentation you will learn how to perform a bike safety check, proper helmet fit, group/trail riding etiquette, trail selection and how to plan a day your kids will enjoy!