This page outlines the materials provided and materials needed to construct a solar-powered vehicle. Parts may be purchased from manufacturers such as those indicated below. Students, however, are encouraged to consider using materials that might  be found around the house.  Lists of suggested materials and/or advice on design and building techniques can also be found in the booklets linked below. Photos and videos of model cars from previous years can be found in our Photo/Video Library.

Participants must have a completed team registration form submitted by April 24, 2015.


What We Provide:

  • 1 Motor
  • 1 Set of Gears
  • 2 Axles
  • Front and Rear Wheels
  • Battery Pack
  • Screw Eyes
  • Alligator Clips

What You'll Need:

  • Material for the Chassis


Tips on Building

JSS Inside Tips on Parts and Construction+ download pdf
JSS Introduction on How to Build a Model Solar Car+ download pdf
So You Want To Build a Model Solar Car+ download pdf
JSS Teacher and Mentor Guide+ download pdf

Points of Contact

Kelvin | Parts and Kits(800) 535-8469
Pitsco | Parts and Kits(800) 358-4983